Parsat Piston A.Ş which is the pioneer of Turkish piston industry was founde on 1968 and started production under German Kolbenschmidt licence on 1970. During the foundation, all the molds, toolings and fixtures were acquired from this company. In a short time, Parsat  Piston gained the ability to design and manufacture these molds, toolings and fixtures in-house and has reached the highest technological level among the other well-known piston manufacturers in the world.

Over 45 years of development, the production capacty of Parsat Piston reached to 3.000.000 pistons and pins annually. By its advantage of producing more than 3500 different types of pistons between the range of 35mm to 185 mm diameter, Parsat Piston exports 75% of its products as well as supplying all new piston types that market needs with the shortest lead time and the best quality. This is the proof of our company’s technological level and our success is the result of great combination of our technology and our professional staff unity.

Parsat Piston was founded on 20.000 m2  closed area and includes foundries of piston, liner and ring carrier; machining departments of piston, pin, liner and ring carrier; coating workshop, tooling workshop, mould manufacturing workshop, machine manufacturing workshop, laboratories and quality control departments.