Our company produces and sells pistons with or without ring carrier and piston pins with expected quality to automotive industry to be a company which satisfies all domestic and international customers while developing all our suppliers during the manufacturing chain.

We are aiming to be a producer who is being appreciated by the quality pf the products and with the help of our effective QMS processes which are continuously improving our products and services by defining risks and evaluating the opportunities arising from risks and allow us to do every job perfectly at the first time and at all times.

All customer requirements as well as first and second legal requirements are guaranteed to be fulfilled continuously during our production. Waste will be decreased to help our environment stay clean.

The key point of our success is our employees who has team spirit, that are going to the direction which is shown by our quality policy, well trained and who takes responsibility at all steps. To be able to success our targets, we will try to motivate and ensure satisfaction of our employees. Efforts of every person or teams and their leading skills will always be appreciated and awarded by our company management.